Power Moves with Sarah Jakes Roberts


 By Vivian Kwarm
Photography by Briele Chanel
Styled by Abby Israel, J Bolin
July 9, 2024

Sometimes in life, you get exactly what you need right when you need it. 

That’s what happened to me when I attended Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Woman Evolve Conference for the first time.

An author, pastor, writer and leader of the rapidly growing movement, Sarah is touching millions of women all over the world with her powerful messages. 

And now, Sarah’s New York Times bestselling book “Power Moves” is also transforming lives, including mine. 

A few years ago, I had everything I wanted on the outside… the career, the life, the accolades. But after unexpectedly getting laid off, I spent nine months trying to start all over. During that time I got to thinking…

What does it REALLY mean to be powerful?

I was always taught that power is about how much I can accomplish, how many goals I achieve, and what tangible value I bring to any room I’m in. 

So I spent much of my adult life chasing wins and walking into spaces just hoping that what I had to offer was good enough. 

But after losing everything, I was forced to sit in stillness and silence. And from that place, I discovered a definition of power that carried more depth than my performative mindset. 

I was introduced to the power of surrender, the power of peace, power of self-love, and the power of trust. I became an open vessel for God’s power to flow through me. 

My identity was always wrapped up in what I was DOING, but this time forced me to focus on BEING. It was from that place, I experienced breakthrough and freedom.

Sarah taught me that power is not rooted in performance. In fact, you don’t have to DO anything for it but rather allow it to flow through you.

Achievements are great, but the biggest power move we can make is connected to our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

And your vision is depending on it, 



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