Meet VIV

Vivian Kwarm is a 2x Emmy nominated TV broadcaster, producer, writer,
and the creator of Emmy nominated TV series ‘Vision In Vogue’.

She most recently served as a TV Scoop reporter at E! News where she’s covered the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, E!’s TV Scoop Awards, and popular shows like Bridgerton,
Abbott Elementary, Dancing With The Stars, and The Crown.

Vivian began her career at The White House, and went on to work for Oprah Magazine, The Dr. Oz Show, Game Show Network, ABC, NBC’s Texas Today, and Discovery/Warner Bros.

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"Nothing lights up my spirit more than connection and conversation with women who inspire me."

-Vivian Kwarm



A TV host and journalist by day, but nothing lights me up more than uplifting conversations with women sharing their stories. Come with me as I continue to figure it all out, evolve, and learn lessons from these dynamic ladies along the way. Let’s do this together and build something beautiful.